How to Install WordPress

This is my first post, so im gonna show you guys how to install WordPress, its for total beginners and it ain’t hard to install WordPress, its just like any other scripts; there is 2 ways to install WordPress

1 – Installing WordPress from cPanel

You can install WordPress directly from your cPanel with Fantastico,

  • Go to to your cPanel which is located at your domain
  • Find Fantastico and click on it.


  • on the left menu under Blogs click on WordPress
  • Click on New Installation


  • Input your Admin access data on the required field, this will be your account to access the WordPress Dashboard.
  • Fill the Base configuration, Click on install WordPress, and your ready : )


2 – Installing WordPress from FTP

Some hosts don’t have Fantastico installed, so you have to upload WordPress to your hosting, and install it,

  • Upload WordPress to your Hosting
  • simply navigate to the directory where you uploaded WordPress to and the installation progress will show up
  • Follow the steps on the Installation and you’re ready : )
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