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Customize WordPress login page

With this snippet you can change the WordPress Login page, it includes the Logo, the link to the logo, the description to the logo.

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Adding a class to WordPress sub menus

Sometimes it’s a nice visual cue to differentiate WordPress menu items with children from those whithout. This function below will add the class has-sub-menu to every WordPress menu item with a submenu, and allow you to style it as you see fit!

Place this function in your functions.php file:

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Get most recent update time in WordPress

This simple function will return the date and time of the last update to your WordPress website.
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Changing the WordPress notification ‘From’ address

When WordPress sends out notification emails, it uses very generic and poorly branded ‘From’ headers. You may notice all your WordPress notifications come from your theme as; wouldn’t it be nice if they came from
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How to Change the Logo on WordPress Login Page

Lot of people use WordPress as Community Website, or as a Service Website which required users to login, so here is a way to change the default WordPress logo image to your Orgnazation logo or whatever you want to.

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