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Adding a class to WordPress sub menus

Sometimes it’s a nice visual cue to differentiate WordPress menu items with children from those whithout. This function below will add the class has-sub-menu to every WordPress menu item with a submenu, and allow you to style it as you see fit!

Place this function in your functions.php file:

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Get most recent update time in WordPress

This simple function will return the date and time of the last update to your WordPress website.
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10 crucial wordpress plugin development tips

If you’re a WordPress developer and your looking to get into plugin development – or maybe you just want to play around with some ideas – there are some important considerations when you’re releasing your plugin for public launch.

I have recently released my first plugin, EPS 301 Redirects, a plugin that allows you to easily create your own 301s within WordPress, and realized there’s a lot you need to consider.

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Changing the WordPress notification ‘From’ address

When WordPress sends out notification emails, it uses very generic and poorly branded ‘From’ headers. You may notice all your WordPress notifications come from your theme as; wouldn’t it be nice if they came from
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WordPress Scheduled Tasks

WordPress has a powerful and surprisingly simple way to schedule tasks. You can use these scheduled tasks to perform maintenance on your site, member management, event management, or any timely functionality you may need.

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